Published on: Sunday, November 21, 2021

A former Oklahoma judge admitted to consensual “sexual conduct” with a prosecutor but said it didn’t affect his rulings in a murder case after their relationship ended (article available here).

Former Judge Tim Henderson acknowledged the relationship in a written statement submitted Monday to a court that was hearing evidence in a convicted murderer’s bid for a new trial, report the Oklahoman and News 9. The defendant seeking a new trial is Robert Leon Hashagen III.

“At all times during the Hashagen case I maintained my role as a neutral and detached judicial officer,” Henderson wrote. “My rulings were fair and supported by the evidence and facts presented by the attorneys.”

The prosecutor also acknowledged involvement with the judge but described it as sexual abuse. Henderson disputed that characterization, saying he received texts, phone calls, emails and cards from the prosecutor during their “consensual affair.”

The relationship included “sexual conduct in my office, in her apartment and in hotel rooms secured by and paid for by” her, Henderson said.

The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals ordered the evidentiary hearing that took place Monday. The same court has also ordered an evidentiary hearing in a drug case regarding Henderson’s alleged involvement with another prosecutor.

Henderson was suspended in March and submitted his resignation in April.