Thursday, June 20, 2024 - 13:00
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Unlocking the Sentencing Guidelines, A Virtual Series: Session 2 - Navigating Relevant Conduct

Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (EDT)

Unlocking the Sentencing Guidelines: A Virtual SeriesĀ is a comprehensive examination of the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines. Monthly webinars will examine topics in Chapter One on relevant conduct; in Chapter Two on guideline calculations for drug offenses, firearm offenses, immigration offenses, sex offenses, and economic crime offenses; in Chapter Three on adjustments and grouping; in Chapter Four on criminal history calculations and career offender/categorical approach problems; in Chapters Five and Seven on imposition and violations of probation/supervised release; on recent guideline amendments and trending sentencing guideline issues; on the effective use of data and resources in deconstructing the guidelines; and, finally, on the importance of injecting the clients' stories to move away from a rigid application of the guidelines, particularly when the guidelines provide too harsh a sentence.

Session 2 - Navigating Relevant Conduct

Relevant Conduct (USSG Section 1B1.3) presents a minefield for criminal defense practitioners. For the unwary, the expansive consideration of a wide-array of conduct may significantly increase your client's sentence. In this session, the presenter will flag and distill for practitioners relevant conduct concepts such as "reasonably foreseeable acts of others" which may be implicated within the scope of "jointly undertaken criminal activity" or conduct that may be considered as part of a "common scheme and plan." The presenter will also address how to effectively combat relevant conduct enhancements and the proposed acquitted conduct guideline amendment.


Cherrelle Herbert is an attorney with the National Sentencing Resource Counsel (SRC), a project of the Federal Public and Community Defenders. Prior to working with SRC, Cherrelle worked as an Assistant Federal Public Defender in the District of Puerto Rico and as an Assistant Public Defender in Miami-Dade, Florida. Cherrelle earned her J.D. from Cardozo Law School and her B.A. from Stanford University. She is originally from the Virgin Islands, where she now resides. Cherrelle has presented at the National Seminar for Federal Public Defenders, the Multi-Track Federal Criminal Defense Seminar, and for various CJA panels.

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