Welcome to the fd.org employment page. Here you will find vacancy announcements for positions in Federal Public Defender Offices, Federal Community Defender Offices, and other select positions related to the Criminal Justice Act. Click on the position name for a detailed position description in PDF.

For Job Seekers: Please note that this is not an all-inclusive list of every available vacancy within the Federal Defender system. Please be aware that the Training Division is not involved in the hiring process for any federal defender positions. Inquiries regarding the status of such positions should be directed to the office in which the position is located. Information on Internships in Federal Defender Offices with Capital Habeas Units is now available to the community.

For Employers: To post a vacancy announcement please complete our employment vacancy announcement form. Please note that you will be asked to upload a PDF version of your announcement; no other file formats will be permitted. Questions regarding this page should be directed to fdorgjobposting@ao.uscourts.gov.


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