Published on: Saturday, September 18, 2021

A federal judge voiced concern for the Pennsylvania pizzeria owner's livelihood but said he had no choice but to send her to jail Friday after a hearing where she refused to abide by the conditions of release (article available here). 

“You’re a small business owner. I don’t want to lock you up. I don’t want you to lose your restaurant,” the court said at an in-person court hearing for Pauline Bauer on Friday. “I’m not concerned about you being a danger to the community but I am very concerned about you being willing to comply with your conditions of release.”

The judge asked if she would just be willing to check in with her pretrial officer once a week. “I feel like it’s a violation of my rights, sir,” responded Bauer, who is representing herself against misdemeanor federal charges. 

The court then revoked Bauer’s release, and Bauer was taken out of the courtroom crying and screaming: “No! I’m not going back to jail! Why are you doing this?”

“I don’t like doing this, but you have made it clear that you feel you are above the law,” the court said. 

Bauer is charged only with nonviolent misdemeanor crimes related to the Jan. 6 insurrection but has irked prosecutors by refusing to comply with simple release conditions, like handing over her passport, confirming her address, letting pretrial services inspect her home once and calling to check in once a week.