Published on: Friday, March 3, 2023

The Department of Justice on Friday launched an application for eligible individuals to receive certificate of proof that they were pardoned under the Oct. 6, 2022, proclamation by President Biden (press release available here). Previous coverage available here.

On Oct. 6, 2022, the President announced a full, unconditional and categorical pardon for prior federal and D.C. offenses of simple possession of marijuana. The President’s pardon lifts barriers to housing, employment and educational opportunities for thousands of people with those prior convictions. President Biden directed the Justice Department to develop a process for individuals to receive their certificate of pardon.

The online application will be available on the Office of the Pardon Attorney’s website: Application for Certificate of Pardon. The form itself can be filled out and mailed in or completed online. It asks for basic information about a person’s qualifying federal cannabis offense, as well as demographic data.

Those who were convicted of state marijuana offenses do not qualify for the pardon.