Published on: Saturday, March 25, 2023

Man calls 911 to report that a store clerk pulled a gun on him, threatened him, and taunted him with racial slurs. When Saginaw, Mich. police arrive, they arrest the man(!) him for filing a false police report. He spends 18 days in jail before being released and all charges against him are dropped. Man sues for false arrest. Police: We get qualified immunity. Sixth Circuit: No, you don't. And since the cops decided the man was a "f*cking liar" before he even spoke, dismissed his story as "bull sh*t" before talking to any witnesses, and are alleged to have deliberately avoided reviewing video evidence that could have confirmed his story, there's enough for this to go to a jury.

The case is Harris v. City of Saginaw, No. 22-1504/1505 (6th Cir. Mar. 20, 2023).