Members (as of 2015)

Defender Services Program Members




Sean Broderick


National Litigation Support Administrator, Office of Defender Services, JETWG Co-Chair

Donna Elm


Federal Public Defender, Middle District of Florida

Douglass Mitchell


CJA Panel Attorney emeritus, District of Nevada

Windy Venable


Attorney-Advisor, Legal and Policy Division, AO, Defender Services Office


Department of Justice Members




Andrew Goldsmith


Associate Deputy Attorney General & National Criminal Discovery Coordinator, Department of Justice, JETWG Co-Chair

John Haried


Assistant National Coordinator of Criminal Discovery Initiatives, Department of Justice

George Cardona


Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney, Central District of California

John McEnany


Assistant U.S. Attorney, Southern District of New York

Barbara Sale


Assistant U.S. Attorney, Criminal Division Chief, District of Maryland


Federal Judiciary Liaisons




Laurel D. Beeler


Magistrate Judge, California Northern District Court

Jonathan W. Feldman


Magistrate Judge, New York Western District Court, Member of
Committee on Defender Services