There are several litigation support programs available to CJA Panel members at a discounted rate or at no cost.  Below is a brief description of the software and the current pricing information for these programs: is a private cloud repository that allows users to store, access, share, and transfer electronic files and documents.  The service includes a number of security features, and encrypts all data while it is transmitted to their repository and while it is stored in the cloud. Users can store an unlimited number of files, for their own use or to share with others, without having to use remote access to office computers. Defense teams can use different devices (such as computers, tablets, or smartphones) to access case data anywhere they can connect to the internet.  The National Litigation Support Team (NLST) will work directly with each defense team to set up their cloud case folders, and to provide ongoing support of their use of If you are interested in using for a multi-defendant case, or have further questions, please contact either Carl Adams or Alex Roberts.

CaseMap (CaseMap / TimeMap / DocManager) Bundle:
is a fact and case organization and analysis tool that allows users to track and organize case information regarding facts, persons, documents, and issues in one database. Documents relevant to the case are linked to the database which allows end users to quickly search, sort and filter case information. Various PDF reports including fact chronologies, lists of persons, issues and documents can be easily produced which give snapshots of critical case information. Users can embed into the PDF reports the source documents that have been linked to the database to allow sharing of key information with people who may not have access to the database.  

TimeMap creates case related visual timelines. The program allows users to create a variety of timelines useful for courtroom presentations, team and client meetings and as courtroom exhibits.

DocManager is a near native imager viewer specifically designed for CaseMap. It allows users to review and annotate documents linked to the database without having to open the source file, making it easier and faster to navigate through the documents.

For inquiries contact Kelly Scribner. Due to the ongoing popularity and interest of federal public/community defender offices and the CJA panel in these software programs, LexisNexis has agreed to extend the offer of the CaseMap / DocManager / TimeMap bundle to defender offices and CJA panel attorneys at a special reduced price of $865.00 (effective 3/1/2024). Besides the significantly reduced price, defender offices and CJA panel attorneys will not have to pay annual maintenance or subscription fees to receive technical support and to obtain upgrades of the CaseMap software for as long as we can continue the national maintenance agreement with LexisNexis.


Casepoint is an online document review platform that allows multiple defense teams to access the same database using their internet browser. Casepoint is designed to assist attorneys and their staff in organizing, managing and analyzing large volumes of discovery. Case materials are located in one central repository and easily reviewed, tagged and accessed by all defense teams from wherever they are as long as they have an internet connection. Casepoint includes computerized early case assessment, technology assisted review (TAR), cloud analytics, data processing and a fully hosted review platform. Some key features of Casepoint include the ability to maintain private notes in a multi-defendant case that cannot be seen by other legal teams on the case, universal bulk tagging, filtering, and annotation which can be shared by all legal teams; review of e-discovery without changing any of the underlying background information; and native and near native viewers.

If you have any questions regarding the utilization of CasePoint please contact Kelly Scribner.

dtSearch is a popular search and retrieval program, and it is the search engine utilized in well known computer programs such as Forensic Tool Kit (FTK, a computer forensic tool), CaseMap and Adobe Acrobat Pro. This type of program is a useful tool to assist legal teams in searching discovery, creating brief banks, and viewing different file types (including non-PDF files) even if you don't have the associated application. We have a limited number of licenses available for CJA panel attorneys to use for free (a $200 value).

To obtain the software, please fill out a dtSearch Request Form located at:

Trial Director:
Trial Director is a courtroom presentation tool that allows users the ability to present documents, pictures and videos in hearings and trials. Users can prepare exhibits in advance, or instantly display exhibits to jurors and judges. Additionally, attorneys can direct jurors' attention to the most important parts of exhibits by doing call-outs, zoom-ins, mark-ups, highlights, and side-by-side comparisons of documents. During the examination of a witness, it is easy to do a screen capture of information that has been displayed to the jury for later use in the trial, and the software works well when used along with PowerPoint. Trial Director has been successfully used for many years by FDOs and CJA panel attorneys representing clients and has been a staple of the Law and Technology workshop training series for close to 20 years.

CJA panel attorneys can purchase Trial Director at a discounted price of $556.50 per year (approximately 40% off the retail price). This price is for a subscription, so you must pay this amount each year to continue using the software.

If you are a CJA panel attorney and are interested in purchasing Trial Director contact Kelly Scribner. If you have any questions regarding the utilization of Trial Director for your office, please contact the National Litigation Support Team (NLST): Kelly Scribner or Alex Roberts.

Additional Trial Director program information and resources are available on the Trial Director help center.